Bad Basics

artist: Sasa Grandic

format: digital
release date: 25.05.2014






After 2 successful releases on Poker Flat the Frankfurt producer Sasa Grandic now publishes his third EP on the Vienna based electronic label imola-music. His last EP “Caliandra” is just 9 months on the market and he already produced further deep tracks full of rolling base drums and unique sound collages to be now released on a new EP called “Bad Basics”.

The original mix of the main track starts with a chilled out jazzy flowing piano sound inspiring the listener to lay back in the beach chair. But before you arrive in the chill out mode, a pumping bass lifts you up and doesn’t release you until the end.
The second track “
Meeow” kicks off with a minimal percussive groove, which is completed step-by-step by further deep elements which sucks you more and more into the slipstream of the track. After the first 2 minutes a distinctive vocal snippet sneaks into the beat and turns the whole piece into a hypnotising melange.

Another cream topping of the EP is a remix of the Frankfurt producer duo "Rhythm Factory" aka Arno Völker, better known as Einzelkind, and Robin Scholz. They met each other 3 years ago and since then they are inseparable.
They share a studio and the passion for Chicago House and for music in general. Rhythm Factory already released on the Berlin White Label and did a remix that has been released on Compost Black Label ( Keep your ears and eyes open for their upcoming tracks.

Rhythm Factory delivered a minimal tech house interpretation of “Bad Basics”, which adds an additional dancefloor component to the EP.

Sasa Grandic’s musical combination out of straight forward pumping beat-basslines and yearning sounds is giving his music a deeply breathing body, very grounded but still swinging with a unique easiness. You always feel the multicultural musical environment, in which Sasa grew up and which flow somewhere between deep house, ambient, dub and minimal techno.



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