klangzeit ep incl. someone else Remix

artist: Marco Riemann

format: digital, vinyl
release date: 01.10.2013

German techhouse producer Marco Riemann is back on imola-music with “Klangzeit“; cooperation with internationally known producer Someone Else! After two releases on Steve Bug’s Pokerflat, “Klangzeit” is now Marco’s latest releases on his own label imola-music which he manages together with the Cologne producer Jens Zimmermann. All tracks on “Klangzeit” are straight forward minimal-/techhouse stuff which are clearly oriented to club’s peaktime. The beats and hooklines are stripped down to the minimal bones which sucks you into its groove from the first kick drum beat. The release includes three original tracks by Marco and one very cool cream topping: Philadelphia's minimal techno producer and DJ, Someone Else, who was voted one of the world’s best live acts of 2006 (groove magazine), contributed a remix of Marco’s track “Klangzeit”. The 2 versions of “Klangzeit” are followed by 2 further tracks, which continue seeminglessly with hypnotizing baselines and sounds. At the latest the track “RoundNRound” will finally make the club atmosphere completely splashing over after fading in some unique vocal stuff as of the middle of the track. And by the ways, great news for all fans of the black gold: The release will also be available on vinyl!

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